Jelena Confessions

Anonymous asked: so you don't like jelena?

I like Jelena. I’m not a Jelenator but I like them.

Hey guys<3

Do any of you have any confessions? I don’t just do Jelena. You can send in Justin ones or Selena ones I do all 3.. confess to me(: 


My Favs are flawless! 


My Favs are flawless! 

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What do you guys think of this?
Anonymous asked: What fandom do you belong to?

Proud to say Beliebers<3

I’m a Selena fan too but not a Selenator.

Anonymous asked: Are you a dumb jelenator

I’m not a Jelenator

and there’s no need to say “dumb” Jelenator because some people are Jelenators and wouldn’t hurt you is someone call you dumb? Exactly.